Monday September 4th
11:00   Registration at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT)
14:00   Welcome from the IOCB director & UCT rector
Zdeněk Hostomský (Director IOCB) Karel Melzoch (UCT rector)
Opening Talks
14:20   Helena Mertliková (IOCB)
Overview of the Process
15:00   Coffee Break
15:20   Eva Kudová (IOCB)
Architecture in the Synthesis of Steroidal Inhibitors of NMDA Receptors: Do Built New or Rebuilt Old?
16:00   Jiří Palecek (FGU)
Pain, Research and Challenging Path for New Treatments
18:00   Welcome Party at Masaryk Dormitory
Tuesday September 5th
9:00   James Engel (University of Michigan)
Developing Therapeutics for the Worlds Most Common Inherited Genetic Disease
9:45   Petr Váchal (MSD)
Medicinal Chemistry Enabled by Novel, Transformational Capabilities
10:30   Coffee Break
10:45   Stanislav Rádl (Zentiva)
Deuterated Drugs – A Hot Topic of Current Medicinal Chemistry
11:30   Stephane Daffis (Gilead)
Drug Discovery and Development Strategies for HBV Cure
12:15   Lunch
14:00   Thomas Ullrich (Novartis)
Institutes for Biomedical Research Local Drug Delivery to Joints and Tendon
14:45   Evzen Boura (IOCB)
15:30   UCT Prague Tour, UCT Prague Brewery
Wednesday September 6th
9:00   Ivana Šurová (MediTox s.r.o.)
Preclinical Toxicology – an Important Part of Drug Development
9:45   Ivana Šurová (MediTox s.r.o.)
Preclinical Toxicology and its Relevance to Clinical Trials
10:30   Coffee Break
10:45   Vít Perlík (PharmInvent)
Clinical Trials in Drug Development
11:30   Piotr Golkiewicz (Elsevier)
12:15   Lunch
14:30   UCT Prague Tour Followed by City Tour and Dinner
Thursday September 7th
9:00   Sergej Zezula (ENAMINE)
Discovering Drugs with a CRO
9:45   Ernst Plefka (Biocrates)
Pharmacometabolomics in Drug Development and Precision Medicine
10:15   Coffee break
10:30   Stephan Bachmann (Roche)
Catalysis as Key Technology in the Synthesis & Scale-up of APIs and Their Intermediates
11:45   Dan Svozil (UCT Prague)
Introduction to Chemoinformatics and Computational Drug Design
12:30   Lunch
13:30   Marián Hajdůch (IMTM)
Personalized Medicine in Oncology
14:15   Tomáš Etrych (IMC)
Nanosized Polymer-based Medicines for Targeted Therapy
15:00   UCT Prague Tour and Visit of the University Brewery
Friday September 8th
9:00   Igor Linhart (UCT Prague)
Clandestine Drug Design: From Mere Copying to New Psychoactive Substances
9:45   Pavlína Řezáčová (UMG)
X-ray Crystalography in Drug Design
10:30   Václav Veverka (IOCB)
NMR and Drug Development
10:45   TBA
11:30   TBA
12:15   Lunch